IQmulus will leverage the information hidden in large heterogeneous geospatial data sets and make them a practical choice to support reliable decision making.


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IQmulus integrates the latest research results in data processing and visualization into a Cloud-based platform for solving important real-life challenges in geospatial applications. New and emerging data acquisition techniques provide fast and efficient means for multi-dimensional spatial data collection. Such raw data is generally big, and includes point clouds and digital images, often enriched with other sensor and thematic data. IQmulus providing a platform to process massive amounts of geospatial big data and serving useful knowledge in a form of processing algorithms developed by the project. The platform is scalable in processing and storage capacity, and capable of handling the four Big Data aspects of variety, volume, velocity and analytics.

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Initially altogether 139 geo-related User Stories (short natural language sentences of the intended functionality of a software system) have been analyzed, filtered and prioritized. The outcome of this process was then used to define initial ‘Showcases’, i.e., basic sets of requirements to drive the early development of the infrastructure, prototypes and basic services in the first phase of the project.

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IQmulus Workshop in Bergen, Norway

The fourth IQmulus workshop will take place in Bergen, Norway on September 21, 2016 from 12:00-18:00. Click here for program and registration! (No registration fee).

The venue of the workshop will be at the University of Bergen, more specifically Realfagbygget (Natural Science Building), Allégaten 41, 5007 Bergen.

The workshop is organized back-to-back with the second Virtual Geoscience Conference (VGC 2016)  taking place on 22–23 September 2016.  Please consult the web-opages of VGC 2016 for pratical information on travel and hotels in Bergen.

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