IQmulus will leverage the information hidden in large heterogeneous geospatial data sets and make them a practical choice to support reliable decision making.


Fact Sheet


The IQmulus Fact Sheet is now available. Click on the preview images to open in PDF format!

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IQmulus Scalability Testing 2015 – First Results


IQmulus is a knowledge driven processing system for large geographic data that produces several software and infrastructure components that require quantitative performance testing, thereby measuring and monitoring the progress toward meeting the project goal. Check out our first results on the following poster:

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9th International Conference on Mathematical Methods for Curves and Surfaces

IQmulus plan to contribute to the Geometric Big Data mini-symposium organized as part of 9th International Conference on Mathematical Methods for Curves and Surfaces in Tønsberg, Norway.


Workshop: Geospatial, Mathematical and Linked Big Data

The IQmulus project organizes a workshop addressing Geospatial, Mathematical and Linked Big Data on June 28, 2016 from 14:00-19:00 in Evoluon in Eindhoven (Meeting room: Saturn). The workshop is organized back-to-back with European Data Forum 2016 that takes place in Evoluon in Eindhoven on June 29 and 30. For detail on EDF2016 see

The workshop addresses aspects of big data where geolocation, geospatial or mathematical structures have a central role. The workshop is a follow up of a similar workshop organized back-to-back with EDF2015.

For travel details see the EDF-web pages, or click here for a pdf file with travel instructions.


The European Data Forum (EDF) 2016

The venue of the next EDF Conference was announced during the conference dinner of EDF 2015.

For details see:

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